Child Protective Services (CPS)/Texas Department of Child Protective Services

Protecting Your Rights During a CPS Investigation

If your children were taken away by Child Protective Services (CPS), you may not understand why. You may feel as though you are being personally attacked and that the Department has singled you out for persecution. You may feel as though you are being unfairly treated by an agency that cannot or will not understand your situation.

Anthony J. Drummond recognizes these feelings. He also recognizes something else; whether or not those feelings are founded in reality, a CPS case is not about you. A CPS case is about the best interests of your children. He has the knowledge and the experience to explain what you must do to put your family back together, and he cares enough to address the tough issues so the best interests of your children are served while your rights as a parent are protected.

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Addressing the Criminal Aspect

If CPS has taken your children away, it is possible you are also facing criminal charges. Those charges could be related to criminal activity, including:

  • Drug possession
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual abuse
  • Neglectful supervision
  • Endangering a Child

The criminal charges are separate from the CPS investigation. While Anthony J. Drummond will not defend you in the criminal hearing, he works closely with criminal defense attorneys and will help you find a criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights and freedoms.

If CPS is involved in your family law matter, it is important to find a lawyer who can help you understand what you need to do to protect your family and parenting rights.

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